Contract manufacturer of cosmetics, food supplements, medical devices, drugs

About company

Biofarmrus is a responsible business partner and innovative producer. Our basic principle is not to save on material, but to know how to spend money wisely. We are young and active. Our company was established in 2009. The company appeared in the skin care products and medicine cosmetics market during the crisis period and it allowed like-minded people (our company’s founders) to keep up with the times following the chosen production course.

Today we know that we are responsible for health and beauty, for high production standards. Our partners entrust us the most important things: ideas and reputation. We use every possibility to make our production technologies perfect. We always use economic cost schemes for producing cosmetic products and carefully choose raw material suppliers.

"Biofarmrus - name before quick money."

Modern production

Every production phase is exact and accurate: from formulating, selection of materials and optimization of technological and production processes to package and shipment to partners.

Commitment to principles

Quality products today – successful development tomorrow. Our aim is to improve and develop Russian skin care products and medicine cosmetics market.

Biofarmrus says YES to:

  • Work for results
  • Compliance with commitments
  • Search for out-of-the-box win-win solutions
  • Conditions for long-term business cooperation
  • Protection of confidential information
  • Proper labor conditions for employees
  • Honest and open communication


Biofarmus proposes to share its unique experience and knowledge in the sphere of cosmetics production to everyone who chooses beauty and health to be his mission in our age of time pressure and almost useless competitions. The reason of our success is responsible executives, modern equipment, exact formulation and quality control.

Biofarmrus clearly understands that things that are done well today, can be improved tomorrow. We are going forward, but do not forget our experience and needs of our partners. We appreciate everyone we work with. That is why our company strives to create new opportunities for our current partners. On the other hand, we are interested in expanding the circle of our partners and are always open for negotiating new cooperation prospects.


Biofarmus products are distributed in the Russian Federation and in several CIS countries. Every year our sales territory spreads out.

Contact information

1 Komsomolskaya Street, Podolsk, Moscow region, 142100
  Телефон: +7 (495) 580-30-69